At The image Cons Co, we know better than anyone that being a mum is hard work! You need to be ready quickly, regardless of whether you’re working or not! Even if you’re a stay at home mum, you need to be up and ready, of course you do. We understand this. Whether you’re a working mum or not, the following tips will help you to look and feel fab without the stress of getting ready! You can adapt these tips to the time that you have available, they can be easily fitting into your busy schedule. 

Outfit Planning

We all know the feeling, mum or not, when you NEED to be somewhere and you don’t know what you’re wearing, this is a nightmare, you suddenly blank out and forget how to dress yourself! This even happens to us stylists sometimes. Our secret weapon is outfit planning! 
Either dedicate a clothes rail in a corner of your bedroom to outfits that you know work for you and you feel comfortable in, OR, pick out an outfit the night before you go to sleep, so that when you wake up, it’s all there ready for you!
By outfit planning, we don’t mean wear your best clothes, we just mean pick out something that’s going to suit you, make you feel great and look stylish. This could be your favourite jeans, a breton top, a navy blazer and some Converse. Comfy, stylish, easy to put on. Perfect. Just make sure it’s ready for when you wake up. Trust us, it’ll make morning outfit choices 100% easier. 

When you lay things out, make sure they’re ready to be worn tomorrow, iron them the night before if they’re creased! Also prep yourself, if you normally shower in the morning then why not try moisturising the night before with a little gradual tan, you’ll wake up in the morning a little bit golden and ready to face the day! 

Keep it Simple
Simple is the aim of the game when you’re a mum, you need to be comfy, mobile and able to react quickly because who knows what those little angels are going to do next, right? So jeans and leggings are perfect. Just make sure that everything you wear, fits you perfectly and compliments your body. If you think that you need some help with what fits, why not try and hour with one of our personal stylists? They’d have you sorted in no time and you’ll leave feeling amazing. 

With simple, some people may see it as boring. Others may see it as minimalist and chic but for some of us, we need a little va va voom in our outfits to make us feel that little bit special. Try a bright handbag, statement necklace or scarf to brighten up any outfit. This may be a cliched thing to say but it works every time! Of course, this may be limited to the age of your children, if they are still at grab anything they see baby stage, a necklace may not be the best idea! But, you know what works for you. 

In terms of quick fix beauty, try a BB or CC cream instead of a foundation, it glides on like a moisturiser and evens out flaws. Cover with a quick setting of powder to make sure it sticks all day. Finish with a little blusher or bronzer and a bit of mascara and you’ve got a fresh and good to go look. If you feel that your eyes are looking tired, eyelash curlers will become your best friend. They make your eyes look immediately more awake and paired with your favourite mascara, your lashes will look longer too. Add a little brightening concealer  underneath your eyes to really make them open up!

Hopefully this helped! Tweet us @Theimageconso if you have any questions!