The notion of a Personal Stylist is that only celebrities utilise their skills and their services are of a high cost. However, the reality is extremely different with Personal Stylists working to support real women in terms of body shape, colour and wardrobe maintanence. 

So, what does a Personal Stylist do:

  • Discover body shapes and dress accordingly giving advice on styles that suit a particular figure.
  • Ignite confidence in those who have lost their way and struggle to feel good about themselves. 
  • Provide suggestions which are new in an informed and knowledgable way.
  • Advise on what colours suit a particular skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. 
  • Sort out wardrobes that are unorganised and full of ‘I have nothing to wear clothes’ helping to declutter items that are never worn or don’t suit the owner. 
  • Listen to clients needs and problems regarding style and confidence. 
  • Encourage clients to wear trends in a way that suits the individual focusing on style and investment pieces rather than the latest craze.

How do I know if I need a Personal Stylist? 

  • Unsure of how to dress for your body shape.
  • Do not know what colours suit your skin tone. 
  • Has ‘nothing to wear’ in your wardrobe. 
  • Your closet is unorganised.
  • Has lost confidence in your personal style.
  • Items still have tags on and have not been worn.
  • Would like advice on style and how to make the most of your figure and wardrobe.

If you require a Personal Stylist please get in touch. We are a set of friendly individuals who enjoy advising those who are intimated by the fashion world and have unfortunately lost their way. See the time spent with a Personal Stylist as an investment on feeling great. Many spend money on a couple of items a month that sit in their wardrobe untouched, this money could pay for an hour with a stylist, which will allow for you to spend your money wisely.