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What Is Colour Analysis?

What Is Colour Analysis?

Our dedicated followers may have witnessed our stylists discussing what colours suit different individuals. This is known as colour analysis, which is a service we provide at The image Consulting Company. Have you ever considered having a colour consultation?

By taking into consideration the individuals skin tone, hair and eye colour we can determine which colours are best suited. Using colour drapes and the process of elimination we can indentify which reflect the light onto the face giving a radiant glow and a boost of confidence. The wrong colours can immediately make you look drained and add years.

We can then determine whether you suit cool or warm tones and indentify what season you fall under.  When wearing colours next to your face is it extremely important to have the right knowledge of what works for you and translating that to current season trends to lift your wardrobe.

If you enjoy wearing different shades then book in with us today to see which ones work for you. If you don’t, still book a consultation as we can demonstrate how to experiment with colours easily and effectively!

Add colour to your world this Summer
Photo Source: © Picture Molo SS11 for Harvey Nichols via Vida Kids