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What’s happening NOW!

What’s happening NOW!

Last week I gave you a little insight to our history – the story so far. Read it here if you haven’t yet.

Today is about the present moment; The reason for sleepless nights, the endless caffeine, the tears, the tantrums, slack motherhood, the excuses, the reason I haven’t socialised in goodness knows how long….you get the idea. It’s fair to say there’s been a little bit of action behind the scenes of late. Changes that we’ve enforced to be the best we can be to give a greater experience to our clients. I haven’t done this alone which is why I want to introduce you to the team members that have supported, contributed and continue to enhance TiCC.

Our ‘Meet the Team’ page introduces you to everyone personally, but here I want to highlight and give our newcomers a warm welcome

  • Becky Barnes mission is not just to survive, but thrive; and to do so with some style…READ MORE
  • Social supreme blogging guru Karen Goodbrand is our favourite bubbly pocket rocket always wrapped as perfect as.. READ MORE
  • Niki Matyjasik’s friendly face and radiant smile is always a welcome sight at team meetings.. READ MORE
  • Welsh, mother of two beautiful children Claire Jacklin beholds amazing organisational skills that will transform your wardrobe.. READ MORE

So, what else is happening?

With almost too much to write but plenty of opportunity in the near future, so I’ll be brief;

 – Personal Stylist Training Course If you’ve had your head in the clouds you will have missed us talking about this. New for 2017; we’re delivering the ultimate training course for those who want to succeed in a styling career. Our 5 day courses and 1 day modules will give you the tools you need to pave the way to be a successful Personal Stylist. Take a look at the details here

 – Shop our Style For those who want a little more style inspiration directly from stylists; Take a look at our new ShopStyle page of what we’re wearing and loving now – with direct links to where you can shop the items we’re wearing.

 – Spring events We’re planning ahead for our up and coming events in the Spring and beyond, you can now take a look at where we’ll be, what we’re doing and what we can offer you right here on our ‘Events’ page.

 – Social takeover We’ve refreshed our feed and giving our social channels Instagram, Facebook & Twitter a lift – you can expect to find inspirational style tips and giveaways amongst much more on all of our social channels from now. Check out our Pinterest board for visual inspiration about each topic on the blog too!

– Freebies & Giveaways Who doesn’t want something for free? We’re continuing our support for small businesses and collaborating with businesses this year to bring recognition to some of our favourite brands and give you free stuff! Keep up to date and follow us here

Finally, we want you!

We are looking for models, focus group members, client case study and ambassadors. Get in touch to with us now find out what we can offer

On the blog next time…‘What’s next?’ Get a look at the exciting agenda we have coming up