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What’s your first impression?

What’s your first impression?

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.24.31It takes less than 10 seconds for someone to create an impression of you in their mind. Judging a book by it’s cover. So what does your first impression say about you? In a society that is becoming more image-obsessed, the way in which you dress, care for your hair, look after your clothes, the make-up your wear etc are highly important to the impression you exude.

First Impressions CollageThis month on Facebook we’ve been talking about the month of ‘de-clutter’ and creating ‘new’ things. Did you know that today, Monday 18th January is also know as Blue Monday – a day in which people believe to be the saddest day of the year after the buzz of Christmas and the start of a new year. We hope you’re not feeling these blues, but to bring your spirits to a higher point and on the subject of ‘new’ things,  over the next few weeks we will post 8 blogs about how you can create the best first impression and perhaps a new you, from head to toe. And we’re not just talking fashion. We’re talking all things possible to create the best first impression. Take a look…

1. Personal Hygiene: We’re not telling you how to suck eggs here. There may be a few things some people don’t think about that actually makes a big difference to the image you create.  2. Skincare: Do you know how to look after your skin in the best possible way? It’s not just about the right product 3. Make up how much is too much? what products should you use? how do you apply make up for your face shape? All will be revealed 4. Hair Care, style and more  5. Nails what impression do your nails give? This small element leaves a big impression 6. Clothes The largest piece of the puzzle. What your clothes say about you. They speak volumes! 7. Accessories the finishing touches can make a big difference 8. Shoes You’ll be surprised at how important shoes are at interviews!

Looking your best will make you feel good inside and radiate positive endorphins, we hope you’ll join us on this #JanuaryJourney to help you create the best first impression.

Want to offer your input? Get involved and offer your personal or professional opinions on any of these subjects. We’d love to hear from you.

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