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Where To Find Style Inspiration

Where To Find Style Inspiration

Most women religiously look to fashion magazines and websites desperate to find inspiration on how to style the latest trend. However, many of these images are pinned and re-touched to create the perfect scenario. I have started to look to the general public for ideas!!!

I hear a few gasps as I type but ladies hear me out first.

The joy of finding style tips from a woman taking her kids to school or in a rush for an appointment at work is real!! You can immediately see how the garment falls and works in action rather than  motionless on the magazine page.

On my walk to work I always notice and appreciate natural styling that happened at 7 o’clock that morning (round of applause please). I also take tips from colleagues at work or friends I meet who might not realise how effortless and fantastic they look. The compliment is welcomed and you can sneakily ask where that gorgeous dress is from.

I suppose my tip this week is to appreciate the style around you that is present everyday and most of us are too busy to miss!! Don’t get me wrong fashion magazines are glamorous and luxurious, which is a world that is exciting to enter but don’t forget what is right in front of you.

Is this something that you already do? If not I set you a challenge – on your way to work on Monday or out shopping today find inspiration and give someone a compliment.