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Who Has Heard of the Leg Veil?

Who Has Heard of the Leg Veil?

Who has heard of the “leg veil?”

As the name suggests the trend is simply a sheer veil for, yes, your legs. So imagine a beautfiul bride’s veil that falls elegantly over her face as she walks down the aisle and transfer this image to an array of celebrities gracing the red carpet with the sheer volume of fabric hiding yet revealing their pins. It is a clever form of disguise as the the legs are sheltered from the naked eye yet still can be seen in all their glory.

The beauty of this trend is that each individual can play around with the length of the veil and the texture of the fabric. For those daring types the veil can be clear with a short body suit underneath for a revealing exposure of leg, which is slightly covered by the sheer fabric. Or for a more subtle approach use a dense lace or floral pattern. It is also a time to experiment with embellishments such as sequins to really dazzle.

Confused? We don’t blame you. Take a look below on how you can easily achieve the look without feeling like you have left a wedding and accidently caught the brides veil on your skirt on your way out. It is actually a sophisticated trend that allows for you to show a little leg without feeling too exposed. We love it!!