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Word of the month: #De-Clutter

Word of the month: #De-Clutter

IMG_1352Whatever you watch, read or listen to, the key word this month seems to be: DE-CLUTTER! We couldn’t agree more, but you don’t have to start a new year with this frame of mind. For us it’s the key to a simplified lifestyle at any time of year. De-cluttering the wardrobe is what we do best and whilst we’re there we’ll give you some invaluable advice about your clothes, body shape, colours, how to stay clutter free and save heaps of money going forward.


If de-cluttering is at the top of your list this month, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook where you’ll find more tips and advice to give you a nudge in the right direction. We particularly love the tips in Good Housekeeping magazine from de-clutter expert Vicky Silverthorn Short, sweet & simple.

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