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Your Style Dilemmas Answered!!

Your Style Dilemmas Answered!!

First of all Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating in your killer (re-styled) outfits!!

At the start of a new year everyone starts evaluating their life including their style (don’t worry it is not just you). I thought it would be great timing to ask – “what style dilemma would you like to be answered?” This can be anything from how to dress a particular body shape, where to buy the perfect pair of jeans or how to introduce colour into your wardrobe.

I know that everyone will have a question that they would love to be answered, which will also help a lot of other women/men facing the same issues!

Either comment below or email me on ab@theimageconsultingcompany.co.uk. Each question will be confidential and I will simply answer your query. The perfect way to get FREE fashion advice to start your 2014 off in style.