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How to dress the new season..with confidence

“Learn the rules and then how to break them” Becky Barnes

In a series of our stylists favourite quotes for a body confidence boost to support the new Autumn season, our team bring you the rules they make and break in our Insta-feed (below). We’re literally flying on an iconic jet plane through the start of the Autumn season already, join us for a few minutes of great reading; take a look at our blog for a round up of Bristol Fashion Week, why 50 is the new 30 and interviews with some stylish personalities that have been a great inspiration to my career for many years.

In November we are celebrating our 11th Birthday and I hope you’ll join us for a very special occasion in which our stylists will be opening their wardrobes and swapping clothes with YOU whilst telling the tales of their iconic styles.  More details will be released very soon, in the meantime, click here to keep up to date with our events.

Don’t forget – November is also the last chance for you to take a spot on our Personal Styling Training Course, you could have your styling business up and running by Christmas! Click here to register your interest.

With the Autumn chill creeping in, I’m signing off soup in hand, chunky knit on repeat and oh so shiny new red boots waiting for a muddy puddle!

Until next time…

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