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Mindset, Focus & Change for 2018

Welcome to a new year of inspiration! The theme that kicks off our year is body confidence & mindset. As Image Consultants our job is not just about the frills and fringes of fashion, we’re focused on the mindset and confidence our client develops in order to feel great about herself in her clothes.

Which is why we bring to you a series of workshops and events focused on helping you feel your best yet. Starting with our Mind, Body & Confidence workshop developed to inspire & challenge you to change the way you think about your bad habits in a short space of time. Simple yet effective techniques with experts that will make you feel good. Take a look HERE for details.

For those of you who are interested in helping others be the best they can be and starting a career in Personal Styling, we’re also putting a lot of time in to the development of our Personal Stylist Training Course outside of the South West in addition to our regular course dates in Bristol. Take a look HERE for more information.

As always, we have plenty of good reading on our blog and our social channels will fill you with plenty of creative inspiration…keep in touch and enjoy the start to a fabulous new year – and if you’re not feeling so fabulous, drop me a line.



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