Let us give you the best start to your styling career…

Our courses are designed for the modern day stylist that wants to empower others and feel confident in their skills. 


Our training will give you the tools you need to feel confident with your styling skills and help you think outside of the box.  Using traditional methods combined with modern techniques, we will help you break the out-dated rules and boundaries to provide a contemporary, in-demand service. 

Choose to study in Bristol, London or online.
Read more detail below of what’s included in each module on our 5 Day Course. Our course is flexible to suit your budget and needs. You can study as many or as few modules as you wish, in whichever way suits you best. 


Our 5 day personal stylist training course covers 5 key areas of styling women at a beginners level that will give you the education and confidence to start your own personal styling business. One of the most important parts of your learning will be our ‘Business Development’ module that will get your business started and ready to go when you complete the course. 

Our courses are assessed and certified by CPD; a recognised accreditation for professional services so you can be assured you’re in safe hands. There are no specific requirements to study as a personal stylist, although your listening and communication skills are vital. 

Whether you are studying online or in one of our locations, you will learn through theoretical and practical techniques. We deliver everything that we can possibly fit in to this short course, including: 

  • Colour Analysis: seasonal & tonal
  • Style Personality
  • Body Shapes & Proportions
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Personal Shopping 

You can read more about each module within the tabs above. 

In your learning journey with us, we teach you how to use traditional methods in a modern world, working with real women. We help you understand your clients mindset and the emotional experiences you may encounter. We encourage you to find your niche and teach you how to think outside the box with your business. We are passionate about helping you become a successful personal stylist and will guide you throughout your course with techniques that will help you build great connections with your clients. 

You can study with us online in your own time in our self study course or live, in one of two locations: Bristol & London. When you study with us online you receive support from a styling professional so you know you’re not alone and can get the same professional help that you will get in our location based courses, so you can study wherever you are, whenever it suits you. 
Our 5 day course is £1,795 for instant online access and £1,995 in either location*. We also offer our course as single modules, so if you prefer to study just one, two or more of these modules, you can do so in your own time; £450 for online access. Only available in the UK.
*Secure your place in either location with a £500 deposit. Locational courses take place in Spring & Autumn – see further information through the link below. 

Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is the ideal way to help you understand the best colours that suit individual tones. By analysing a person’s unique characteristics you are able to help them understand how to feel more confident in their clothes. 

Wearing your ideal colours has been proven to help you feel more confident, radiant, youthful, vibrant and positive. Using the science of colour, combined with theories from various psychologists, philosophers, designers, artists and more we will guide you through the process of Colour Analysis from scratch. 

In this module you can expect to gain a detailed understanding of Colour Analysis and how to use colour with your clients through theory & practical learning. You will also make the connection between colour and your clients’ emotions, and better understand the psychology of colour and its impact on first impressions.

This is a beginner’s guide that will leave you feeling confident in the knowledge of Colour Analysis through both a ‘seasonal’ and ‘tonal’ process.

Following this course, you can use your skills in Colour Analysis as an Image Consultant, Colour Consultant, Personal Stylist or to compliment other work in the wellbeing, style or fashion industries. 

Style Personalities, Body Shapes & Proportions

Understanding style personality is at the core of what you do and can determine the results of your consultations, which is why we focus within this module on helping you understand how to identify different personality types, and how to work with them.

With much confusion on the market about different body shape types and how to dress them, our focus on body shapes and proportions helps you understand how to take your clients thinking outside of the box, especially when she doesn’t fit in to just one.

Within this course, you’ll learn about style and shape of the female form. You’ll gain extensive learning in females body shapes, proportions and style personalities to develop your skills as a personal stylist.

Wardrobe Management

Running an effective wardrobe consultation takes skill with a good deal of mental and physical energy along with precise concentration. There’s more to a wardrobe edit than meets the eye, it’s not as simple as pulling the contents out, rooting through piles and popping it back again. Understanding how to coach your client to feel more confident in her wardrobe takes a level of understanding outside of the practical realm alone.

In our Wardrobe Edit module you will learn how to help your client discover self confidence, empowerment, a stress free environment and a good level of knowledge to move forward with.

Practically you will learn how to create a stress free wardrobe, how to organise a wardrobe, the right tools for maintaining a wardrobe and creating a capsule wardrobe. You’ll also learn how to carefully consider your clients emotions and attachments to specific items, how to overcome barriers and deal with objections.

Personal Shopping

Some may consider this the easiest part of the job, but as a stylist, shopping on behalf of your clients takes a level of skill that is perfected with the right tools and knowledge, and of course with experience.

In our Personal Shopping module, you can expect to gain the tools you need to be an effective personal shopper, whether you plan to practice this as a professional or as an individual that wants to brush up skills or work with friends.

We will guide you through a contemporary approach to shopping and help you brush up your knowledge of retailers, identify your market and teach you the practical process you will encounter in a face to face consultation.

Business Development

In this module we will work closely with you to discover what’s needed in your business to get started and reach your full potential. We’ll share the tools you need to create a successful business as a personal stylist. 

We will guide you through;

  •  Discovering your vision for your business
  • Building an action plan
  • How to create your brand
  • Finding your client
  • Understanding marketing
  • Social Media

We will also take you through a business check-list to make sure you’re guided on everything you need before you start. 

In this module, you will get started on building your business straight away so you feel confident in moving your personal styling business forward as soon as you complete the course. 

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Louise Lawton
Louise Lawton
I trained with the Image Consulting Co. in March 2022. I have nothing but praise for Emmeline and the course. There was so much content and material covered. Every question was answered so thoroughly and I definitely felt armed to go out and set up as a personal stylist. There’s also great support offered after the course which is very reassuring. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.
Karen Roberts
Karen Roberts
Emmeline and her team have created the most wonderful community of stylists, staying true to their values of working collaboratively rather than competitively. A rare thing to find. I chose to train with The Image Consulting Company and have since joined the community of stylists. I've found it to be a very warm and welcoming network, allowing me to tap into the varied and wide knowledge of the group for support and information - with regular training and opportunities to expand my skills. Most importantly for me, I now feel like I'm part of a team and that I have somewhere to go to collaborate, find answers and share experiences. Emmeline's knowledge of the industry is second to none and she is a wonderful mentor to boot. I really couldn't' recommend it any more highly.
Natalie Daley
Natalie Daley
I joined the Image Consulting Company just a few weeks ago and have loved being part of a community of supportive stylists! I joined because I wanted to develop my skills and find the confidence to grow my business. Emmeline has been nothing but supportive from day one. She has answered all my questions and given me tonnes of great business advice. I undertook the online colour analysis training with her which was fantastic and has given me more confidence in this area. I couldn't recommend the Image Consulting Company highly enough :)
Own Your Style with Janine
Own Your Style with Janine
I joined the Image Consulting Company community 18 months ago having spoken to the founder Emmeline, who is a highly experienced and creative personal stylist - also super friendly and encouraging too. As a stylist who works independently it’s so lovely to meet and be involved with a like minded group of stylists who all support each other - it feels like a team. I have received great business and styling mentorship myself and am now a mentor in the team too. I enjoy the online meet ups as well as the advanced training available within the community too.
jaswant birk
jaswant birk
The image consulting company is an amazing place to train with if you are wanting to pursue a career as a personal stylist. The co founder of this company Emmeline Stevens is a great business mentor, also manages and supports all personal stylists to achieve the best in their businesses and they offer a range of styling services. I highly recommend this company for all they offer and do.
Alex Standley
Alex Standley
I trained one to one with Emmeline in November 2019 and it was the best decision I made to bring my Styling Business to life! She is an incredible mentor and teacher and has been an ongoing inspiration for me. I am also a part of the brilliant Stylist community which I have found to be an invaluable support to me whilst growing my business. It's full of inspirational and supportive women, spurring each other on!
charlotte broom
charlotte broom
Can not recommend this company enough! I completed my personal training with Emmeline last October you will learn all you need to know to become a personal stylist but above and beyond this the support you get after is second to none! I belong to the members community, this has been an absolute godsend this year, offering constant learning and support and meeting the most amazing group of ladies. If you are considering starting your journey as a personal stylist, I highly recommend having a chat with Emmeline.
Nicole Sweet
Nicole Sweet
I have been part of the Image Consulting Company community for about a year now and I have received the most amazing support from Emmeline and her team and from all the stylists in the group. I have just completed virtual styling training with Emmeline which has helped improve my confidence in this area tremendously. I truly cannot thank TiCC enough for the support and knowledge which has helped shape my Personal Styling business.
Penny Gunter
Penny Gunter
Just finished 3 training courses on how to style virtually - what can I say absolutely brilliant, so much detail and very well presented - highly recommended !!
Venetia Norrington
Venetia Norrington
I first met Emmeline at a chance meeting and her passion, enthusiasm and style really attracted me to her. I'd never really heard of Personal Styling as a thing, but when she told me more, it made total sense! I'd be stuck in my "style" for so many years, muddling through, not knowing where to go, and I really needed a change. I started with a wardrobe cleanse, went on to a Personal Shopping session and now...I'm hooked! As a photographer I capture brands, their personalities and founders and have now had the pleasure of capturing many shoots for The Image Consulting Company, and some of their team members. They are a total joy to work with, extremely professional and knowledgeable and many of my friends and family have used their services with great success! Go for it...invest in yourself!


Anyone who feels good about empowering other people, if you like people, you’re a good listener and have good communication skills, it’s likely you’ll feel confident as a stylist.

This is a beginners course, we will give you everything you need to get started. You don’t need to have any previous experience or training. 

None! The styling industry doesn’t have any minimum requirements, however, we are accredited by CPD (Continued Professional Development) to give you assurance our training is high quality at a professional level. 

Come and talk to us.  Integrity is at the core of what we do. If we feel our training isn’t right for you, we will let you know and recommend other training providers. We will give you all the detail you need to understand whether styling is right for you and whether we are the right training provider for your needs. 

Working to help others feel more confident is a task that not everyone can do. Your people skills are essential. Being a good communicator, listener and ability to interpret information is key. Being organised and having creative flair is a bonus. 

Fashion is not an essential driver to become a successful personal stylist despite popular belief.  Your people skills are more essential. 

We are asked this often! There is no limit to what age you can study and have trained many people from 20s-70s.

There is always going to be competition in your field of work, but never too many stylists. How you set yourself apart from others is essential to your success. 

This is very much dependant on your personal circumstances, existing connections and driving force. It will be more time consuming than you may think but it can also be a perfectly flexible career path to follow. 

We understand that people learn in different ways, therefore we present our course in a variety of ways through theory and practical learning whether you’re studying online or in person. You will have many resources to hand, guidance and always someone to help you. 


If you are unsure of what are the best options for you or just want to talk to one of our team to discuss and questions you might have, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to chat.