Are you curious about the life and experiences of a personal stylist? We sat down with Martine, the talented mind behind Styleafter, to uncover her journey into the world of personal styling.

Martine is not just a stylist but also a certified psychologist, making her approach to styling unique and personal. Join us in this insightful Q&A session with Martine and learn about her inspiring path into the world of fashion and personal styling.

Q: Hi Martine, thanks for sitting down with me, looking forward to hearing about your journey and learning more about you. What did you do before becoming a stylist?

A: My background is in Psychology which I still do alongside my personal styling business.

Q: That’s such a unique profession and am sure your background really helps your personal styling clients. So what age were you when you decided to become a stylist?

A: Wanted to since forever but when I was in my teens it was deemed for the few and privileged

Q: Yes, personal styling sure has become a lot more popular over the years and people see more of a need for it. Why did you feel personal styling was the job for you?

A: I’ve always loved colour, fabrics, textures. I love how clothes make me feel and loved sharing this with friends and family and supporting them in their shopping and style endeavours. Pandemic and menopause gave me pause for thought. Life is too short and these things made that abundantly clear so I decided to go for it!

Q: Life is indeed too short to not pursue what makes us truly happy, am happy that you took the leap. How does this fit in to your life & your psychologist role?

A: Styling is mostly focussed on Friday – Sunday. Think my psychology background compliments this role too. I’m also hoping to be able to offer menopause coaching in the near future too!

Q: I love how you get to do both jobs that you have a passion for. So What do you say is the best thing about being a personal stylist?

A: Seeing people grow in their autonomy, and feeling empowered, confident and to have fun with styling. I love seeing people care less about what other think and focussing on what makes their world light up: style can be part of this journey.

Q: Personal styling is so rewarding it always lights be up to! What do you think has been the greatest challenge in your styling career so far?

A: My imposter syndrome for sure

Q: Imposter syndrome is something that many stylists in the community can relate too. How would you describe your own style?

A: Fun, vibrant and bold

Q: Martine you always look so confident and happy in your style love the bright colours. You have been part of our stylist community for a while now, what do you enjoy the most about this?

A: Love to spend time with like-minded individuals. The community is supportive and spends time helping raise each other up which is important

Q: Martine, it’s fantastic to hear that you find value in the supportive and like-minded community of fellow stylists. Building each other up and sharing experiences is an essential part of personal and professional growth. You did some training with us at The Image Consulting Company, how did you find it?

A: Stylist course which is fabulous! The ongoing support is priceless too

Q: Its great to hear you enjoyed the course and the on-going support is helping you in your styling career and we look forward to supporting you. What advice would you give someone who was considering personal styling as a job?

A: Go for it!! Don’t let fear hold you back

Q: Great advice! We are nearly there just a last few questions! What do you know now, that you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey?

A: The importance of the right scaffolding. I cannot emphasise how important correct underwear/shape wear is in getting an on-point fit.

Q: Yes this is so important, something that gets easily missed. And for the last questions Martine What does the future hold for you?

A: Who knows! but I am enjoying each day and excited about whatever comes my way

Thank you, Martine, for your time it’s been great having you here and we wish you all the success in the future.

We hope that Martine’s story inspires you on your own styling journey, whether you’re just starting or seeking to evolve in the field.

To connect with Martine and explore her vibrant and bold style, follow her on Instagram here @styleafter_