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A Guide to becoming a sustainable stylist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s clearly something very wrong with how we are shopping when 3 out of 5 new items of clothing are thrown away and incinerated within one year of purchase and millennials agree with 60% of them saying they want to shop more sustainably (source). Our...

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Lets get down to business

Make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance to build your business this summer. At the image Consulting company, we know it takes more than being a great stylist to be a successful one that's why in our community we've been helping our...

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London Baby

London Baby, oh yes our in-person 5-day Personal Styling course is on its way and ready for you to have a seat in London this September. We're using all our experience to bring you a value-packed and unique training course, giving you everything you need...

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The secrets of Personal Stylists

As a collective of Personal Stylists we thought we would share all our fabulous, funny and fulfilling stories with you all. In our role as a personal stylist, we really get to benefit our clients well being from the start of their style journey. So...

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Why you should be a personal stylist right now?

So why you should be a personal stylist right now? personal styling is a growing and inspiring area within the fashion industry. We can help you understand how crucial you could be in this industry by taking your passions into your hands, create confidence in...

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