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Summer Style Tips – Part 2

With the unpredictable British weather giving us a shock of a lifetime and giving us an actual summer to talk about - since 1976 at least (so the news tells us - too young over here to remember) your summer wardrobe is getting much more...

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10 Questions with Nia

We caught up with one of our latest graduates, Nia Griffiths to find out a little more about her. With a successful career working as a visual merchandiser, she has travelled all over the UK and further afield, flying to exciting countries all in the...

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The Truth Behind Personal Styling

There is a common misconception that Personal Stylists are for the super-rich and celebrities only, to help them pick out their designer-clad outfits. This is far from the truth, and we are here to prove it. Read on for the truth behind Personal Styling...

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10 Questions with Caroline

Meet the lovely Caroline, a new member to our team after completing our Personal Stylist course last month. She has so much to offer and with her unique sense of style, we couldn't wait to find out a little more about her. ...

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5 Facts About Bras That Everyone Should Know

They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours and anything from t-shirt bras to push-ups, most of us wear a bra every day but how much do we really know about the humble brassiere? Read on for 5 need-to-know facts about bras that will have...

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10 Questions With Amy

Amy has been a part of TiCC team for as long as we can remember! We couldn't leave it any longer to ask her 10 questions about her style, job and perfect weekend! ...

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Summer Style Tips – Part 1

If you’re feeling slightly spoilt by having a couple weeks of glorious sunshine and had to rush to the shops to start working on your summer wardrobe way earlier than expected, fear not we are here to help! There’s no need to panic buy as...

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How to Pack a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

If like us you’ve absolutely loved the scorching Bank Holiday Weekend and you’ve booked your flights to exotic places in search of more sun, then our capsule travel wardrobe blog is for you. Like most of us, we’d love to take the entire contents of...

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7 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas to Feel Fabulous In

As the wedding invites come flooding in the search for the perfect frock begins. Before the impulse late night online buys and frantically hitting the shops start we thought we’d provide you with some inspiration to steer you in the right aisle. We’re chanelling the...

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