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Gail’s Story…

Gail’s Story…

Q: Hi Gail! Thank you for sitting down with us. So you finished training with us earlier this year. Please can you tell us a brief synopsis of your history (who you are, what you did before you trained, what caused you to decide to retrain in another field)…

A: I’ve always had an interest in fashion. As a teenager I spent a lot of time reading magazines, soaking up the creativity and inspiration I found in their pages. I still do it to this today, but now add avid online reader to my weekly pursuits. I love inspiring and being inspired by those on social media too.

No surprise then that I wanted to get involved in the media when it came to my career.  I even wrote to a teen magazine, Jackie, while at school to seek advice on how to do so.

They say you should choose a career you have a passion for and I’m certainly still loving mine.  As a PR for some 25+ years I work primarily on consumer campaigns launching new brands and services, while building and safe-guarding the reputation of existing brands.  Working with Marks & Spencer on its fashion and food campaigns was a highlight as was holding press conferences to announce new millionaires for the National Lottery.  My days are spent working in media relations, organising events and more recently, collaborating with social media influencers.  No two days are the same and I still absolutely love my career.

I started my blog, Not Givin In, as a hobby, you can read more about it here http://www.notgivinin.com/personal-stylist/ with the intention of helping others who were, like me, looking for solutions to problems.  Challenges like, “I’m going to a party for the first time in ages, what do I wear?”   “I’m sick of skinny jeans what else is out there?”  “I need a new foundation that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, where do I start?”

I found the more that I started these conversations on my blog and social media platforms the more people responded, so when a colleague suggested that I take it a step further and trained as a personal stylist, I jumped at the chance.

Q: That’s a great history. What made decide you wanted to train with us and how did you find the course?

A: As soon as I decided to train as a personal stylist I contacted Emmeline.  We had met a couple of times and I had enjoyed listening to her speak at styling events. I knew that as well as being a lover of fashion she is a great supporter of women and a switched on business woman. I would learn what I needed to set up my own styling business.

On a personal note, but I think it’s a vital part of the TICC offer, Emmeline is not just a good talker, she is a good listener, which I think is so important when dealing with clients but also mentoring potential stylists who have life and career experiences they are bringing to the table when starting a new career.

I loved the course. Again, if you love what you do then it doesn’t feel like work. Meeting other well-established stylists of the TICC team was also a treat and they were so supportive. I came away feeling totally enthused.

Q: We absolutely love having you on the team, Gail, and can’t wait to see where this takes you. Finally, how does it feel to have completed your training and what plans you have for the future..?

A: I now have a portfolio career. I still work in PR and have added Personal Stylist to my resume. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.  I really hope that bringing Not Givin In to life will be my greatest achievement.  Providing a personal service for women, I want to find solutions to their problems, give them more time by streamlining their wardrobes, help them gain the confidence they deserve.  We all deserve.  It’s an exciting time.

You can find Gail on Instagram: @gailpainter