This seems to be a popular time of year for planning ahead and re-invention, looking for new adventures, setting goals and in many cases, starting a new career. Once the sparkle of the fairy lights have dimmed, many of us need a positive focus for the year ahead.

The turn of a new year brings many people pondering about their current circumstances and how happy they are with a view to make changes. January is a popular time of year that I speak with people about the idea of starting a personal styling business and there seems to be a common theme in conversation.

So while we’re sitting in the aftermath of the festive season, I want to share some insights and, hopefully, useful information, if switching your career to personal styling sounds familiar to you.

1. Get over your procrastination with a simple exercise

When there is uncertainty about progressing with the idea of becoming a personal stylist, the most commonly mentioned phrases are things such as; am I too old? I’m not creative. I don’t really know fashion. I wouldn’t know how to run a business. Who would want me as their stylist? These are all barriers that we can overcome, because, as you can imagine there is a way forward through all of these things.

So I challenge you to ask yourself, what’s stopping you? Whatever your procrastination is, write it down (because this helps so much more than just thinking about it) then imagine this is a friend telling you about what their challenges are and why they are not progressing with their ideal job. What advice would you give them? Write that down too and reflect on your answers.

2. Talk to someone about it

Sometimes just talking things through with someone else, perhaps your biggest cheerleader can be a good way to move the idea closer to reality, especially if you’re unsure about the next steps. It also helps if you have those notes to hand from the prompt above. Explore all the options, why, when, where and how you could progress as a personal stylist.

You can also come and talk to me, through an informal chat. Let’s talk through your procrastinations and I’ll share some stories about others who have been in the same place as you and are now successful stylists. Book in to my calendar right here

3. Do some research about the industry; talk to business professionals and other stylists

There’s no harm in reaching out to other stylists that you admire and asking how they started out and what their biggest challenges were. Connect with networking groups and business professionals who will gladly offer you free advice. Explore personal stylists in our members community, we’re a friendly bunch! You’ll find more about them here in the Stylist Directory.

4. Start thinking about your business before anything

If you want to get ahead, start thinking about your business. How do you see this working for you and your existing lifestyle? Do any changes need to be made? Who would you like as your client? What would your brand name be? What would you like your website to look like? There are so many areas in business you can explore, find the most exciting subject to you and start by exploring those avenues, the greater the passion you have for it, the greater the motivation to move forward.

If you’re already a few steps ahead, get serious about your business tools and start building your business. Here’s a free handy guide to help: Where to start when you don’t know where to start

5. What if you fly?

The chances are, if you take good advice, have some drive, motivation and passion for what you believe in, then you’ll likely fly at what you do. The human brain has a clever way of making us feel that we’re not good enough or that we can’t do something we would love to do, sometimes it feels a bit too good to be true!

So, I’ll ask again, what’s stopping you?

Ready to make the next move?

Here are a few useful links to help you take the next steps:
• On our website, we have lots of useful information, such as this: Why personal styling?
• Explore the options of studying as a personal stylist here
• Speak with me by popping a convenient date in to my diary here
10 things you need to know about becoming a personal stylist

Remember, I’m only a step away from helping you follow your dream career path as a stylist and I’ll support you all the way.

Wishing you only the best for 2024