Good question! I’m so pleased you asked ;) Because this is the very thing I will be talking about in a workshop on 27th April. Actually, I’m not going to tell you how to sell. I’m going to share the process of selling and how to make it the easiest thing for you to do!

But first, I want to explain why I feel this process should be one thing you need to get right because we can’t all go out there and just expect people to buy from us as personal stylists.

The most common mistakes stylists make when they launch

  1. Lack of strategy. It’s THE most important thing to have in business. It’s the backbone to everything you do, so if you don’t have this, you’ll be less likely to make it past the first year.
  2. Sharing outfits and hoping for the best. We LOVE to see what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, why you’re wearing it, but that alone isn’t going to sell your services.
  3. The wrong words. Simply offering a ‘If you would like to revamp your wardrobe, come and work with me’ type of caption isn’t going to be enough to make a sale.
  4. Rely on social media alone for sales. Sorry.

Before you can figure out your ‘selling tactics’ you need plenty of ammo
How do you know what your potential client wants to hear? Do you know who you’re selling to? How do these people buy?

This along with plenty of other information is the key to refining your selling tactics, but you need the answers to come directly from your target clients and you won’t know any of this information unless you ask! So research is key to get the information you need, to know how to get your client to buy.

People don’t just ‘buy’ without knowing
They need to be sold to. But they need to be sold to with strategy and knowledge. You may have heard the shortened marketing term ‘Know, Like, Trust’ these three anchors form the process your client will go through before they buy from you. So break that down, consider what that feels like for your client and make sure they’re going on that journey.

You need to offer variety
One thing, one way, isn’t enough to get your clients attention. There are many different ways to sell what you have to your audience, variety is key.

You don’t know where on the buying journey anyone is
Which is why we need to consider the path we want them to follow and how we’re going to guide them to the key thing we want to sell.

So how are you working out your sales funnel?

If those five points don’t convince you to polish your sales process, then you must be doing a great job already, well done! If not, and you need some friendly, professional advice, your £15 for a seat at my workshop will go a looooong way.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • What a sales funnel is
  • How to create the ideal journey for your client
  • Step by step guide that’s easy for stylists to relate to
  • Quick win sales tactics that don’t make you feel uneasy
  • How to get started

See you there?
I hope so, Emmeline :)