If you have ever contemplated a career in personal styling, it might be interesting to explore the direction the industry is heading in, and what the future could hold for you as a potential personal stylist.

Having entered the image industry back in 2006, I have witnessed a vast change in the personal styling landscape and I’ve come to learn how much things have evolved since I started on this journey.

Right now, we’re living in a world where more and more people are interested in changing the way they feel about their bodies, and the self-care movement has encouraged people to prioritise how they show up in their clothes more than ever before.The language surrounding personal styling is evolving, with a strong emphasis on body confidence and individuality, as well as authenticity and acceptance.

The personal styling industry is also gaining greater recognition for its connection to personal development and wellness. After all, the role of a personal stylist is to enhance clients’ confidence levels through clothing, and by incorporating a few mindset techniques to support the client’s personal growth.

The rise of personal development and it’s related fields are set to become even more popular as the curiosity in understanding human behaviour grows.

Personal styling seems to be following in the footsteps of Personal Training, which, in the last decade, has become both more popular and more accessible to the everyday person.

Due to the fact that it can be something used by anyone, a successful personal styling career is more achievable than ever.

Whilst we don’t yet seem to have the research concerning Personal Styling in the UK, in the states the styling industry grew by 6.2% between 2016-2021 worth $1.6billion by 2021.
IBIS World

Using these statistics as a foundation, we can certainly expect to see Personal Styling grow and develop within the UK in both popularity and prominence.

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