What better way to show you how training with The image Consulting Company can help you build a successful career as a personal stylist than by asking some of our recent graduates. We sat down with Charlotte Broom, a stylist from Chelmsford Essex, to find out more about her experience so far:

Q: Hi Charlotte! Thank you for sitting down with us. So you finished training with us back in 2019. Please can you tell us what you did before becoming a stylist?

A: Before deciding to take this route I was a designer and senior account manager for a clothing supplier.

Q: That’s great that you were already in the Industry. What age were you when you decided to become a stylist?

A: I was 46 when I decided to make the switch. I knew I wanted to stay in fashion and I love working with women and helping them feel good about themselves so when I found the course run by Emmeline at The Image Consulting Company it felt like a really good route in

Q: We absolutely love having you on the team Charlotte, and can’t wait to see where this takes you. Why did you feel personal styling was the job for you? 

I wanted to help women find their confidence through clothes and help them feel good about themselves. I also know how easy it is to feel like you have lost your style; be that through having children, changing your career path, going through the menopause, and I felt very strongly that I wanted to help empower women to feel good and enable them to go after whatever it is they want.  The more I looked at it and started to do some styling work, the more I found I had a real passion for it and absolutely loved being part of their journey with them.

Q: The love & passion you have for styling Charlotte really shines through, how does this fit in to your life? 

A: My sons were aged 12 and 9 when I trained with The Image Consulting Company and I knew that being a stylist needed to be something that worked around family life. I wanted to be around for my boys and not miss anything, but I still wanted to pursue this journey for me, and do something in an industry that I feel really passionate about.

I have made personal styling fit into my life. I’m a real people pleaser so it is sometimes tricky to keep all the plates spinning. But I can make my business work and see growth while fitting it around my family and life – and all without the commute into London every day which is an absolute blessing!

Q: I love how you have found the balance with family and being a Personal Stylist. What’s the best thing about being a personal stylist?

A: This is easy – my clients! When I watch them walk away after a session with a spring in their step and big smile on their face, there is no better feeling! Whether it’s a wardrobe edit or a personal shopping session where we put outfit ideas together, I really love spending time getting to know my clients, understanding the areas they are struggling with and helping them work through this to come away feeling confident in their clothes. For me, this is the biggest win.

Q: Yes totally and its so rewarding to see your clients have a new wave of confidence about them! What’s been the greatest challenge in your styling career so far? 

Can I mention the dreaded word: ‘lockdown’! I had just qualified when we went into lockdown and I can’t lie, there was an initial panic. How could I still work with clients? How could I keep building my business? I had just started to build my client book and the business was building momentum and I didn’t want to lose this. Technology came to the rescue, but I had to learn fast! Through The image Consulting Company community group, we swapped tips and tricks to get through the pandemic together and came out the other side stronger from it. I can’t tell you how valuable the community is to me. It’s absolutely invaluable and we really do support each other to be best that we can be.

Q: Am so happy to hear the community at The Image Consulting Company were able to get you through it, it is such a supportive team of stylists. You studied with us on our 5-day course in London, what was the highlight of your training course?

A: I cannot tell you how excited I was! I was nervous too – imposter syndrome was kicking in, but I couldn’t wait to get started. The course was delivered in really clear, precise and easily digestible modules that we went through together.

My favourite part, which is still my favourite part, was the wardrobe edit. Emmeline and her team took time to share their knowledge and tips. We learned how to approach a wardrobe edit, how to deal with different types of customers and how to get the most out of our time. I still pick the team’s brains now. I was also really lucky to be able to train with some amazing other stylists on the course who have since become friends and a huge support on my journey.

Q: Its amazing to have a support system around so you can reach out whenever you need too! Why did you study with The image Consulting Co? 

A: I originally spotted The image Consulting Company on Facebook. They were hosting a short-day course so I went along to see what it was like. I knew straight away that this was where I wanted to train.

Q: Its great to hear you wanted to train with us! You’re part of our stylist community, what do you enjoy the most about this? 

A: The community was an absolute godsend in lockdown. I learnt so much but I have to say that for me, it’s the support network that I love so much. I have been really lucky to meet some wonderful stylists and I love catching up. We are each other’s biggest support and we’re always swapping tips and advice. This is absolutely community over competition every day of the week.

Q: There is an incredible sense of community here at the Image Consulting Company, happy to hear to your feeling supported. What advice would you give someone who was considering personal styling as a job?

A: Do it! Lol! I absolutely love my job. It takes a lot of hard work and determination and putting yourself out there but if you have a passion for it and you’re willing to give it your all, then it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Q: Definitely,you never know before you try! What do you know now, that you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey? 

A: Becoming a stylist doesn’t happen overnight. I’d always had an interest in fashion and styling but you also have to be an admin assistant, marketer, bookkeeper, networker and sales person all rolled into one. Once you start building your client book and earning, you soon learn where best to put your time and when to outsource some of those jobs.

Q: Yes you certainly have to wear many hats when you are starting off! Just one last question, What’s the future for ‘Charlotte Loves Style’? 

A: Ooo that’s a good question! I’m about to launch a new website and start a subscription service. I really want to reach out and help more women embrace their style and grab back their confidence.

Thank you Charlotte for sharing your journey with us, we love having you as a member of The Image Consulting Company and cant wait to see what the future holds for you!

You can find Charlotte on Instagram: @charlotte_lovesstyle or visit her website here