If you’re in business, I’m pretty sure you would have heard other business professionals ask what your ‘USP’ is. Your unique selling point. Have you thought about this? What makes you unique? And why is it important?

I’m always surprised when people tell me the personal styling market is over-saturated, I completely disagree. It depends on who you are and how you look at this. The chances are, if you’re saying this, you are probably following and surrounding yourself with other stylists, so it feels as if there are too many.

I’ll share my thoughts on how I know you will be as successful as other stylists and how there are nowhere near enough stylists to meet the needs of the consumer;

You only need to walk down any high street and take a look at how many hair salons exist. But this doesn’t stop another opening their doors and being as popular as the salon next door.

There is a huge amount of space for personal stylists, the industry is growing every day. Just take a look at the blog I wrote recently about the rise in the styling industry in the UK. As a collective we still have a lot of work to do to educate our potential clients and for as long as there are human beings, the potential is always going to be there.

The reason hair salons become as busy as their neighbours is the same reason you’ll be as popular (if not more) as your personal stylist peers.

No 1. You are YOU. That’s unique in itself. You have your own style, your own values and beliefs, trust in these and you’re part way there.

No 2. Narrow your market. You can’t be everything to everyone, focus on who you really want to work with.

No 3. Share your knowledge. You’ll never give too much information away (if I had a £1 for every person that tells me they don’t want to share everything they know…) You’re here to educate your audience and keep them captivated.

Remember that personal styling is still a relatively ‘new’ concept to the average person in the UK, there are many misconceptions about the role of a personal stylist, so make it really clear to the person you are trying to target why they deserve a scoop of your time.

You don’t have to be super different, weird and way out there to have success but with some self discovery, you’ll figure what your core values are and how you can connect with your target audience in a unique way.

Use the competition in a healthy way to better understand what you want from your brand and how to set yourself apart.

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